Gremolith is your production,
consulting and development partner
for polyester, casting and phenolic resins.

"I appreciate the delivery speed with
constant quality"
Walter Thoma, Thoma Boote

Gremolith is your production,
consulting and development partner
for polyester, casting and phenolic resins.

Gremolith is your production,
consulting and development partner
for polyester, casting and phenolic resins.

Welcome to GREMOLITH

Polyester resins from GREMOLITH are specially developed for manufacturers of fibre reinforced plastics or industrial companies who use unsaturated polyester resins in their products. Casting resins are mainly used in pattern and mould making for the production of foundry patterns, negatives and core boxes. However, they are also suitable for design models or moulds. With over 30 years of experience, we develop and produce special phenolic and furan resins. In all production steps we rely on the highest quality standards.


Polyester resins

Our customers are producers of fiber-reinforced plastics or industrial companies, which use unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins) in their products.

Casting resins

Casting resins are mainly applied in model and mould construction to manufacture patterns, negatives and core boxes. They are also suitable for design models or moulding tools.

Phenolic resins

With more than 30 years of experience we develop and produce special phenolic and furan resins. During each production step we focus on high quality standards.


Contract manufacturing

Straightforward, corporate-independent and experienced in engineering and process development: This is how we describe ourselves as a toll production partner.

Application consulting

In application consulting we function as producer as well as consultant: We advise our customers regarding their applications and search for the perfect solution together


Our strength is customer-specific product development, which, in a second step, leads to production of individual resins for various applications.
Application consulting


About us

Our well qualified professional forces givedaily her best to fulfil the high-classstandards of the customers. Besides, weplace big value of the nearness to our customers.



Throughout the production chain we require high quality standards, may it be for the products, services, safety or environmental protection. In 2007 the quality certificate ISO 9001 was awarded to our company. Our well educated specialists are permanently attentive to guarantee a consistent high quality for our customers. Thanks to continued advancement and dedicated employees, we provide our customers with specific products, which are implemented fast and competent. Only the best is good enough: We live by this policy, which is why the individual requirements of our customers have top priority and are handled with utmost care.

In our work we consciously dedicate ourselves to the protection of the environment, which is why great emphasis is put on sustainability during the entire production process. As a result,we received the environmental certificate ISO14001 in 2008. This certificate is given to companies who commit themselves to a continuous improvement process in regard to environmental performance. We contribute to the environment, for example, by continuously making specific investments in energy efficiencyand reducing our CO2 emissions. In order to better protect the environment, we are dedicated to continuously improve our processes.Thanks to constant technological progress and the extensive know-how of our employees we are able to meet our goals.

In 1941 Gremolith Ltd. was founded in Bazenheid (Switzerland) and in the following years positioned itself successfully in the market. The production and the worldwide distribution of Galalith, an artificial material used in the button industry, provided the basis for the success. In the 60s the company already established a good reputation and started to invest in the development and production of resins. In 1976 the innovative actions in the foundry industry led, in collaboration with a German partner, to the founding of ASK Chemicals Gremolith AG. Enrooted in the region the company still has its office and production in Bazenheid and employs approximately 20 well qualified specialists. With their know-how and many years of experience, they develop and produce various resins for individual applications.

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