Casting resins


Casting resins are mainly applied in model and mould construction to manufacture patterns, negatives and core boxes. They are also suitable for design models or moulding tools.
Our wide range of casting resins, based on polyurethane and epoxy resin, offers various methods of application. They are ideal for the fast and cost-effective production of manufacturing equipment, such as foam, RIM and vacuum moulding forms or foundry and metal sheet tools. For the manufacturing of auxiliaries like models, core models or negatives there are also respective casting resins. The choice of system depends on the particular casting procedure, for instance, massive casting, backfill or face casting. Epoxies are furthermore used for casting of components for motors and insulators in the electrical industry or for coatings. The shrinkage during the hardening process is minor, which makes them predestinated for the application as casting resins.