Contract manufacturing

Straightforward, corporate-independent and experienced in engineering and process development: This is how we describe ourselves as a contract manufacturing partner. Our customers are producers of paints, varnishes, adhesives and building chemicals. The production site in Bazenheid has a significant amount of reactors available, with a volume of 500 to 8000 liters per batch. Reaction temperatures for condensation resins can reach up to 280°C. Furthermore, we are able to homogenize and fill resins as well as other liquids with respective fillers, additives or pigments into either an 800 or 5000 liter vacuum mixer. For storage of raw materials and finished products we have appropriate tanks and warehouses.

Initially, we discuss the specific needs, requirements and problem definition with the customer. We then clarify the feasibility with regard to technical requirements, availability of raw materials, production capacities, safety and packaging. Further framework conditions are examined and taken into account in the process. Depending on the situation, non-disclosure, delivery quantities or maximum capacities are agreed upon. If necessary, we also develop or optimise the corresponding processes and production processes.