Contract Manufacturing

Fast. Flexible. Confidential.

Independent of any sector and experienced in chemical process development: This is how we describe ourselves in the field of contract manufacturing. No matter for why you consider an external production partner, be it as a start-up, because of non-existing production technology, for companies whose production capacity is not sufficient, or because you trust in the competence of Gremolith AG. You will be accompanied by experts from the first contact until the completion of the defined scope of services.

  • Free yourself from production and personnel expenses and focus on the core business.
  • Eliminate the need for periodic investments for production technology and infrastructure​​​​​​​.
  • Enjoy the highest degree of predictability and transparency of costs, even with fluctuating demands.
  • Enhance reputation with your clients and customers through timely and flawless deliveries.
  • Avoid quality costs and risks.
  • Benefit from large purchasing volumes from numerous manufacturers​​​​​​​.
  • Draw on the many years of expertise of Gremolith AG and increase your performance.

Process / Flow

1. Request

  • Product description
  • Manufacturing process
  • Special requirements
  • Quantities

Production facilities

Gremolith AG offers reaction plants from 500 to 8'000 liters. Inside our vessels, products can be synthesized or blended at temperatures up to 280 °C.

Mixing and dispersing in vessels of 800 and 5'000 liters.

Optimization of product properties through suitable refinement components.

Mixing and dispersing in tanks of 800 and 5'000 liters under vacuum for deaeration and degassing.

Automated filling of small containers from 1 liter. Pressing system for defined filling of highly viscous materials.

Gremolith Lohnproduktion

Scope of services

You decide which parts of the process chain you transfer to Gremolith AG. Regardless of your choice, Gremolith AG guarantees you highest confidentiality as well as fast and flexible implementation of your demands.

  • Process and product adaptation
  • Up-scaling
  • Product optimization
  • Raw material purchasing and storage
  • Batch or campaign production
  • Disposition / Shipping