Polyester resins


Our customers are producers of fiber-reinforced plastics or industrial companies, which use unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins) in their products.

One of our strengths is the individual adaptation of unsaturated polyester resins to the customer’s individual needs. Systematically we cater to the specific requests of our customers, whether regarding processing and end characteristics or mixtures with special fillers. We also offer a variety of standard polyester resins, which are available at short notice and in various container sizes. In addition to our own product range we offer trading products where the individual consulting is in the foreground as well.

Scope of applications

Unsaturated polyester resins are used for the production of glass fiber reinforced parts, which are found in the manufacturing of machines, automobiles and ships as well as in the building industry and sanitary market. There they are processed into corrosion-resistant lightweight plastic pieces, partly with flame-retardant characteristics. They are particularly used as catch tanks, pipes, baths, boat bodies or covers. As liquid material they serve as binders for putties, mortar and body fillers.