Thoma Boote

Swiss Handmade Quality

Yearly, between 20 and 30 boats are built by the boat building company that was founded by Walter Thoma in 1972. Each boat is developed on their wharf in Mühlehorn by the Walensee and is a unique boat with individual expansion. Thoma Boote boats are found in national as well as international waters and are especially suitable for leisure pursuits and sport fisheries. The hulls are manufactured by hand with high-quality polyester. Thanks to the double shell principle the models are unsinkable. Carefully selected motors work economically and guarantee reliable operation compliant with modern environmental standards. The basic material for the entire ship’s carcass is polyester resin. Thoma Boote uses about 10 tons of Gremopal® polyester resin (140.15.UB) a year. Walter Thoma, who has been a customer of Gremolith for several years, especially appreciates the very prompt delivery time, the flexibility for the formation of the building materials (colors and other requirements) and the high quality of the polyester resin, which has to satisfy special demands.

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